The MD+ Nurser: How to Use Our Baby-Friendly Medicine Delivery Bottle

The spills, the tears, the worries. Giving your baby medicine can be frustrating. That’s why we set out to design a medicine delivery system that would be easy and accurate.

The MD+ Nurser BottleWhen we asked parents about their concerns with giving their infants medicine, they said they resented the head-shaking and the crying, and, worse, not knowing if their baby was getting the medicine they needed to feel better.

With traditional droppers, it’s too hard to insert the right dose in the first place, never mind make sure it’s all getting past baby’s tongue, especially when baby was teething or had a fever in the night and parents were attempting to do it in the dark.

So, our team of Adiri Nurser engineers set out on a mission: Create a medicine delivery system disguised as the bottle babies love.

The result was the MD+ Medicine Delivery Nurser, a bottle that simultaneously delivers milk and medicine for easy, complete delivery, even in the dark.


How does the Adiri MD+ Nurser work? 

  1. Remove the Nurser’s soft, breast-like nipple to fill the bottle with milk, juice or water and then twist the nipple back in place.
  2. Fill the medicine syringe with the recommended dose of medicine.
  3. Insert the syringe into the bottom of the MD+ Nurser.
  4. Feed your baby. Our dual chamber nipple keeps milk and medicine separate until it reaches baby’s mouth. During the feed, our patented petal valve vents away air to keep milk free of air and baby free of gas, spit-up and symptoms of colic.
  5. Place the protective sanitary cap over the bottle when baby is done feeding. 


Now you can let baby rest knowing she got the medicine and the milk she needs with the Adiri MD+ Nurser.


Posted On:

May 14, 2014


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