Meet the Adiri NxGen Nurser

The Adiri NxGen NurserWouldn’t it be nice if your baby’s bottle was as cute as his clothes? And wouldn’t it be great if that bottle offered all the benefits of breastfeeding? We thought so.

Meet the Adiri NxGen Nurser, a bright and trendy bottle modeled after mom. As the name suggests, NxGen is the next generation of the infant Nursers families everywhere have come to love.   

The original Adiri Natural Nurser was the first bottle modeled after moms. We created it because here at Adiri, we believe bottles should function and feel more like breasts—soft, warm nipples, and a bottom venting system that keeps milk free of air and full of nutrients.

The Adiri NxGen Nurser split into it's 4 main componentsIn the NxGen Nurser, we knew we would keep our iconic, breast-like nipple and the patented petal valve bottom vent that keeps gas, spit up and symptoms of colic at bay. And then some savvy, clever moms said to us, “Hey. Is there any way you can make this bottle look cool? Bottles are so boring.”

We said, “Of course.”

Another moms said, “What if you could change the nipple so it’s easy to give your baby the right flow of milk?”

We said, “Good idea.”

Meet NxGen, the stylish Nurser inspired by nature with four interchangeable nipples.


Why will you love NxGen?

  • Add some colour to feeding time with three colour choices: pink, blue and white.
  • Ensure baby gets just the right flow of milk at every stage by choosing from one of four nipple sizes—0+, 3+ and 6+ and 12+.
  • Feed your baby safely with BPA-free materials.
  • Spend more time snuggling with your new addition thanks to our easy-to-clean parts.
  • Convert your NxGen Nurser to a sippy cup as baby grows by replacing the nipple with a Transitional Cap designed just for NxGen. Choose from blue, pink and white to match your Nurser.
  • Enjoy the Nurser features families have always loved—a natural breast shape for smooth transitions from breast to bottle, and milk that’s free of air and full of nutrients thanks to our patented petal valve bottom venting system. Our Nursers help keep gas, spit-up and the symptoms of colic at bay so your baby is happy and healthy.  


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May 23, 2014


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NxGen Nurser

Give your baby all the benefits of breastfeeding with the stylish Nurser inspired by nature.




Give your baby the right dose of medicine along with their milk in the Nurser they love.     




Baby always gets the right flow with interchangeable NxGen nipples and sippycup transition lids.