Over the years, Adiri has helped more than half a million babies enjoy milk that’s free of air and full of nutrients with the one bottle modeled after mom.

It all started with a vision from environmentalist and father John Prentiss. He asked a bold question: Shouldn’t a baby’s bottle function and feel just like a breast?

With that, in 1990, he set out to design the safest, most breast-like bottle ever. Milk that was free of air to keep gas, spit up and symptoms of colic at bay. High-quality plastic. Soft, warm nipple. And a natural breast shape. In fact, the first Adiri bottle looked so much like a breast, parents just weren’t comfortable using it.

John was disappointed that the world wasn’t ready for Adiri, and shortly after he gave up hope on his breast-inspired bottle. His legacy to give bottle-fed babies the closest experience to breastfeeding could have ended there.


The Adiri Natural Nurser is born and loved by millions

His daughter Jennifer, however, was determined to keep alive her father’s hope to help babies and parents enjoy all the bonding and nutrition of breastfeeding in a bottle.

In 2008, a redesigned Adiri, the Natural Nurser, was born. Jennifer and her team had consulted moms, dads, doctors and lactation consultants. The result was a revolutionary design still inspired by nature’s best model. Unlike any other bottle before, the Natural Nurser featured a breast-like nipple for instant recognition, easy latches and smooth transitions from breast to bottle; and Adiri’s patented petal valve that vents away air at the bottom so baby gets nutrients, not the air that causes colic symptoms and gas.

In its first nine months, almost half a million Natural Nursers were sold to the likes of everyday and celebrity parents, including Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba.  So much early success proved a challenge. As a bottle, Adiri was on its way to becoming the best-selling bottle in history. In fact, in addition to heaps of press and more than a dozen design awards, it earned the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award. As a business, though, Adiri was struggling.  


The ReliaBrand Family of Products—also known as ReliaBrand Products for Families

And then it landed in the hands of another father, Antal Markus. In the Natural Nurser he saw how he could help babies everywhere enjoy all the benefits of breastfeeding. He said to his family—his wife and four grown sons—“Let’s be a part of the bottle that’s going to revolutionize the way infants are fed.”

So, in 2010, ReliaBrand was born at the kitchen table of the Markus family home in Kelowna, Canada. ReliaBrand is a family of products, but also a company that makes products for families, including the Adiri line of bottles.

Adiri went through another transformation to even further improve the design behind the breast-like bottle parents and babies have always loved.

In 2013, the NxGen Nurser was launched with a better seal, bright colours and interchangeable nipples to give baby the right flow at every stage and save parents money. Soon, we’ll release the Adiri One, a descendant of the original Natural Nurser with three adjustable flows and a silicone cover for a soft, warm feel that’s just like mom.

When Antal’s first grandchild, Olivia, was born, the Markus family saw new meaning in what we’re doing with Adiri, and she strengthened our resolve to give your baby the safest, closest experience to breastfeeding. We look forward to being a part of such a special time at your house.


NxGen Nurser

Give your baby all the benefits of breastfeeding with the stylish Nurser inspired by nature.




Give your baby the right dose of medicine along with their milk in the Nurser they love.     




Baby always gets the right flow with interchangeable NxGen nipples and sippycup transition lids.