Adiri® NxGen™ Nurser Baby Bottle Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a ReliaBrand™ product. The Adiri® NxGen™ Nurser baby bottle is made of a unique blend of safe, 100% BPA-free phthalate-free materials that give our bottle its unique shape and soft, supple texture. All materials used in the bottle meet FDA requirements and are CPSIA compliant.

We hope you will have a safe, satisfying and stress-free experience with our products. So please read these instructions before use.


Parts Included

Protective sanitary cap, Twist-on nipple, coloured Body, Twist-on base, Petal™ & valve, and Warming Disc.


Cleaning & Care

  • Standard Steam Sterilizer (Not Microwave Sterilizer)
  • The bottle should be separated into its components.
  • Bottle must be in upright position and nipple not compressed.
  • No hospital autoclaves or devic­­­­es which reach temperatures exceeding 212°F/100°C. Boiling Water - boil separated in water for 5 minutes.
  • Parts should not rest on the bottom or sides of metal pot as they may warp
  • due to excessive heating. Remove Warming Disc prior to sterilization.

*Dishwasher top rack safe.


­Directions for Use:

  • Sterilize all parts before initial use. (See Cleaning & Care)
  • The Adiri® NxGen™ Nurser should be filled right-side-up by unscrewing the nipple from the base. After filling, screw the nipple back onto the Base until securely fastened.
  • Keep bottle upright for transport and storage.
  • Always attach the Warming Disc to the twist-on base before submerging the bottle in water or using in an electric bottle warmer for warming.
  • Always remove Warming Disk prior to feeding to ensure that the Petal™ vent & valve allow for the
  • release of air from the bottle interior.
  • Always test temperature of liquid before feeding.
  • Never serve contents above body temperature (98®F/36.6®C) to a baby!



  • Do not use microwave steam bags or devices. Do not allow children to use bott­­le as a teether. Do not let baby walk with bottle.
  • Extended fluid contact can cause tooth decay. Never allow child to sleep with a bottle. Nipples can wear out with normal use.
  • To prevent choking, inspect nipple before each use and replace at first sign of wear.
  • Do not leave bottles in excessive sunlight.
  • Keep all bottle components out of reach of children. Always use product with adult supervision.
  • Do not expose bottle to temperatures below 32oF/0oC.
  • Reattach valve to Petal™ vent if removed when sterilizing or cleaning.


Instructions are available for download in the following languages:

NxGen Nurser

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